I Am the Galaxy - and You Can Too!

Mission 002: Operation Graveyard Shift

Wherein the newly-established “Manticore Squadron” is sent to the galactic graveyard to gather supplies.

  • Session Count: ?
  • Players: Scott, Sixten
  • Starting Roster Size: 2 Corporals, 1 Warrant Officer, 3 PFCs, 4 Privates, 6 Greenhorns
  • Total Team Losses: ?
  • Total Team Killcount: ?

The Setup


The Mission


Mission Parameters:

  • blah

Given Boons:

  • blah

Known Obstacles:

  • blah

The Roster

Fireteam Assignments:

Heavy Team “Lion”

  • Leader: Cpl Styet, frog-lady, standard
  • Second: D87 (Dee), insectman, scout
  • Sicky, shithead, standard + comms
  • Barney, lizard, standard (pilot)
  • Bolsk, aurax, heavy
  • Tonka, yeti, heavy
  • Pfc Hugh, human, standard
  • Pfc Howlin’ Mad, Worm, standard + sapper

Recon Team “Scorpion”

  • Leader: Cpl Margo, kitty, scout
  • Second: Pfc Scratch, kitty, scout
  • Doc, don’t remember, standard + esper
  • The Proj, construct, standard
  • Bad Hand, human, standard (pilot)
  • Honest John, kalian, sapper
  • Asi, construct, standard
  • Ratso, eckorrel, scout

Mission Recap




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