I Am the Galaxy - and You Can Too!

Mission 002: Operation Graveyard Shift

Wherein the newly-established “Manticore Squadron” is sent to the galactic graveyard to gather supplies.

  • Session Count: ?
  • Players: Scott, Sixten
  • Starting Roster Size: 2 Corporals, 1 Warrant Officer, 3 PFCs, 4 Privates, 6 Greenhorns
  • Total Team Losses: ?
  • Total Team Killcount: ?

The Setup


The Mission


Mission Parameters:

  • blah

Given Boons:

  • blah

Known Obstacles:

  • blah

The Roster

Fireteam Assignments:

Heavy Team “Lion”

  • Leader: Cpl Styet, frog-lady, standard
  • Second: D87 (Dee), insectman, scout
  • Sicky, shithead, standard + comms
  • Barney, lizard, standard (pilot)
  • Bolsk, aurax, heavy
  • Tonka, yeti, heavy
  • Pfc Hugh, human, standard
  • Pfc Howlin’ Mad, Worm, standard + sapper

Recon Team “Scorpion”

  • Leader: Cpl Margo, kitty, scout
  • Second: Pfc Scratch, kitty, scout
  • Doc, don’t remember, standard + esper
  • The Proj, construct, standard
  • Bad Hand, human, standard (pilot)
  • Honest John, kalian, sapper
  • Asi, construct, standard
  • Ratso, eckorrel, scout

Mission Recap


Mission 001: Operation Frozen Fire

Wherein the newest graduate recruits of the Galactic Legion are sent on their first mission.

  • Session Count: 3
  • Players: Scott, Sixten, Dusty, Sean, Vincent
  • Starting Roster Size: 15 Greenhorns
  • Total Team Losses: 4 Greenhorns, 1 MiA recruit “Yogi” (whereabouts currently unknown)
  • Total Team Killcount:

The Setup

Outpost Granger-Gamma was once a valuable supply depot and safehouse a century ago during the wars with the Kellbenza Sector. Located on a frozen rock in-between the Galactic Center and the opposing sector, it was a valuable stopover and fallback during that extended engagement. Since the Kellbenza Sector’s leadership crumbled and the new regime signed up to join the Galarchy, the outpost was abandoned as unnecessary and has gone unused for over a hundred years.

Recently the Galarchy has returned to the abandoned Granger system, surveying it once more for grand-scale planetary harvesting of resources. The techniques of harvesting are quite revolutionary, and also quite controversial, as the extreme and rapid yield of resources inevitably destroys the ecosystems of harvested planets, and sometimes destabilizes their entire solar systems.

The Mission

Legion HQ wants the outpost investigated, but with the heavy hostile engagements on the Terravinnagian Front, it can’t afford to send a field qualified unit on what it currently believes is a simple scouting mission. Thus the recruits are sent to investigate.

Mission Parameters:

  • Drop at a safe distance outside the automated defense system range.
  • Traverse via a set of three-man snowmobiles to the perimeter.
  • Eliminate hostiles, capture two if deemed sentient and able for questioning.
  • Recover any missing supplies that may remain on the premises.
  • Securing the base is the primary objective, but if necessary, blow it – be prepared for an intense report if this happens!

Given Boons:

  • Activation codes for the front entrance, but there are two other access points with lost codes as well
  • Override codes for defense system if an inside security terminal can be reached
  • Self-destruct codes for the reactor if the base needs to be scrapped. This is a LAST DITCH option! Prepare

Known Obstacles:

  • The planet is home to feral yeti-like beasts that are known to harass anyone who travels outside the defensive perimeter. The yetis are normally kept away from the base by a sonic frequency that drives them away. The state of that system is unknown.
  • The station has an automated defense system, including a weapon satellite, local turrets, and a perimeter alarm. The state of this hundred-year-old system is unknown, however.

The Roster

  • Asi, construct, standard
  • Bols, aurax, heavy
  • Doc, don’t remember, standard + esper
  • En’Ef’Gee. (RIP), human XXX
  • Howlin’ Mad, Worm, standard + sapper
  • Hugh, human, standard
  • Margo, kitty, scout
  • The Proj, construct, standard
  • Scratch, kitty, scout
  • Sicky, shithead, standard + comms
  • Slinky (RIP), space elf? Xxx
  • Snot Boogie (RIP), deader
  • Spot (RIP), canid
  • Styet, frog-lady, standard
  • Tonka, yeti, heavy

Mission Recap

GM’s Last-Session Email:

“Great game, everyone. Special thanks to Sean and Vincent for sitting in and rocking the table. A few more were lost, but some who we thought were doomed were saved at the last moment in spectacular ways! Sixten wanted to send out some special notes on that, though, so I’ll let him tell the word of what happened =)

In the end, the survivors complete their mission with a fairly smashing success. The team is rewarded by being permanently assigned to this backwoods shithole of a base, and the name Manticore Company sticks. One of the pirate marauder-class landers is completely vaporized by the retaken point-defense systems, but the other is intact and now under the operation of the Company. Salvageable spoils are documented, registered, and classified for operations where relevant, aside from what you manage to hide away for yourselves.

After a bit of discussion, I think a more fun way to handle advancement is this: Each player gets to nominate one of their characters for full elevation to Novice Wild Card Rank, with all the benefits that entails. This nomination will be based on field performance, pressure under fire, mission value, etc. But mostly it’s just your call. The rest of them get to acquire one of the perks they would have acquired at character creation (bonus edges, an extra benny up to three, etc). And for each lost character, that player gets to add another new recruit to the general roster.

And starting with the second mission and each after, upon completion you will get to both give one of your Wild Cards a single advance, and nominate one of the recruits for Novice Wild Card Rank.

The goal is to preserve the overall feel of deadliness and imminent death, while still allowing a special handful of characters to rise above the rest and form a core of solid Legion Badasses, in a fashion similar to that within the Alien Legion comics themselves. Also, it means fewer wild cards to have to manage, which can get a bit complicated in large groups.

Looking forward to the next mission!"

Sixten’s Last-Session Recap:

“Indeed, ‘Manticore’ Squad defeated the pirate reinforcements handily, losing only two recruits in the pitched battle.

I especially appreciated how Vincent used Howlin’ Mad to maximum effect.

Achievements of note:

Spot defied Steyt’s authority-less orders to take cover in the base, preferring a nearby crater instead. He then gunned down two pirates before taking a wound that proved fatal, despite Doc’s best efforts to stabilize him.

Slinky did major damage to a Assault Suited Wild Card and gunned down two pirate troopers, before the pirate’s return fire shredded him beyond all hope of recovery.

Howlin’ Mad’s grenades took out two pirates and his EMP was critical to taking down the first Assault Suit. With the two pirates downed in the second session, he’s accounted for four.

Scratch accounted for a eco-terrorist comms officer with his claws after she pulled a pistol on Steyt. Total count: two, both with his bare hands.

Margo sniped one pirate, also bringing her count to two. Asi and Sicky have both downed a pirate in the final battle.

Yeti left cover, charging through enemy fire to save Bolsk with a stim patch. Heroic!

Bolsk stepped up, accounting for four regular pirates and scoring the fatal blow on one of the Assault Suited Wild Cards.

The other Assault Suit was vaporized by the combination of the Proj’s technical skills (gaining control of the point defense cannons), and Steyt’s callous disregard for human life. Steyt, so far, has never fired her weapon, but she did shrug off a pistol round from a teenage communications specialist. However, she aced a unskilled Heal roll to save Doc from bleeding out on the battlefield.

Doc went on to psychically save another legionnaire from a similar fate.

Hugh used his street knowledge to conceal a somewhat functional human-sized Assault Suit in a extra-large crate he marked “Rations”, hoping to hang on to it for future use.

Steyt, seeing his scheme, demanded he write in his report that the second Assault trooper was regrouping to finish off the rest of the squad when he was vaporized, instead of running for his shuttle, casting Steyt’s actions in a more heroic and promotion-worthy light.

For advancements, I’m bumping Howlin’ Mad’s Throwing up to d6, and I’m starting Sicky on Knowledge: Communications. The Proj actually had Knowledge: Robots, but since I forgot that and we used it as Knowledge: Electronics, I’m going to retcon that that’s what it was all along, and bump it to a d8, given how useful that would have been this session.

Steyt’s getting my Wildcard promotion. I give her the edge Attractive, as gambling, constant bullshitting, saving comrades from bleeding out in the mud, and using overwhelming force against retreating foes really brings out the inner beauty of the frog people. And I’m giving her Lucky, because, well, goddamn.

One note I’d like to make: no exploding damage dice might mean we want to lower armor values a little. A character with d10 Toughness (like Yeti!) and a Assault Suit is going to laugh off our laser rifles and I’m not sure I like that thematically. Adding dice with Shooting raises helps, but the more dice you add to a roll the more the results are going to reliably fall in the middle range; even a three Raise 6d6 is mighty predictable around 21, merely shaking a 21 Toughness foe half the time. Were we supposed to be halving the power armor’s effectiveness against energy weapons? That’d keep things nice and deadly. Or do we (and our enemies) just embrace EMP weapons to defeat power armor?"

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