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Team Role-Based Gear Kits

Standard Kits

Every character will fall into one of the following standard roles, and at the start of each mission they will be assigned the appropriate kit for that role. Gear is mostly based on the Sci Fi Companion rules.

Foot Soldier (“Ground Pounder” aka “Gropo”)

  • 1x Laser Rifle w/ 3 full clips
  • 2x regular smoke grenades
  • 1x Standard Legionnaire Combat Armor
  • 1x Legion Multi-tool
  • 1x Legion Field Trauma Patch
  • Field Ration bars for the expected duration of the engagement.


As Foot Soldier, plus:

  • +1 additional Laser Rifle Clip
  • Rifle has attached Grenade Launcher w/ 8 micro frag grenades
  • 1x Heavy Legionnaire Combat Suit


As Foot Soldier, plus

  • 1x Laser Pistol w/ 2 full clips (instead of Rifle)
  • 1x Slug Sniper Rifle w/ 1 full clip
  • 1x Legionnaire Scout Suit
  • 2x EMP grenades

Supplemental Kits

These are “extended” gear assignments, which characters may receive in addition to their standard kits.


The Comms trooper is the most valuable member of the team.

  • Comms Gear Armor: (Wt. +4) The comms trooper’s assigned armor is modified to incorporate long-range gear, extending the team’s communications to a range of Planetary + Orbital. Additionally, all team communications routed through the Comms trooper has a Rating 8 encryption for purposes of decoding and hacking.
  • Tactical Assessment HUD: The comms trooper’s armor helmet is additionally able to connect and relay the monitored actions of their allies. As long as they are awake and active, within a range of the trooper’s Smarts die x50 ft, any valid character can give their Bennies to any other valid character’s actions. If the giving character has the Common Bond Edge, the receiving character’s second roll gets a +2 bonus.


Capable Psychic Espers are rare in the Legion, but when present, the Legion definitely makes use of their skills.

  • Synergy Helmet: The team Esper’s helmet has built-in amplification function to zero in on the location of linked team members. The Esper has +2 on any rolls that analyze, understand, influence, and/or locate any team member who is wearing their armor’s helmet, dead or alive. If there is a Comms trooper both present and active with their gear, this bonus increases to +4.


Anyone designated as a member of the Med team gets the following, in addition to their normal kit:

  • blah…

“Officer Material”

  • Armor: An officer’s armor is outfitted with three uses of whichever “Stimbo” variant it comes equipped with.


In additional to their Role loadouts, designated sappers receive:

  • 4x explosive radio charges, with control relayed to Comms trooper
  • 4x frag grenades
  • 4x EMP grenades
  • 2x homing strike adhesive beacons, relayed to Bombardier


The Bombardier is not a player character, but instead a special NPC that may be assigned to some missions. If present, the Sapper trooper is responsible for marking targets for the Bombardier to strike. Depending upon the mission, this may include anything from STS artillery to outright Orbital Strike.

New gear

The following is a list of new Gear created for this campaign.



  • Standard Legionnaire Combat Armor: (Wt. 12) Full body; +4 Armor; helmet contains basic HUD with Compass, GPS and enviro data, and standard translator communications gear limited to 1200ft; incorporates Galactic Legion “stim boost” technology which allows the wearer one free Benny each session for soak rolls (commonly referred to as “popping a stimbo”);
  • Heavy Legionnaire Combat Suit: (Wt. 16) Similar to combat armor, +6 Armor instead. Additionally: +2 Massive Impact armor provides additional shielding vs Falling and Explosive damage of non-energy nature; Reinforced limbs provide additional +1d4 damage to unarmed attacks.
  • Legionnaire Scout Suit: (Wt. 10) As Combat armor, but +3 Armor instead. Additionally: Kinetic servos provide +2 to base Pace; Stealth polymers and dampeners provide +2 to physical stealth rolls, or +4 if rolling vs technical sensors; Instead of the standard Stimbo it has an altered version called the “steamboom,” which can be activated once per session, tripling their Pace die rolls for 4 rounds. Activating the ’boom results in a crack of sound audible to everyone within 300 ft.


  • Legion Field Trauma Patch: (Wt. Neg.) As an action, apply to skin. Ignore all wound and fatigue penalties for 1d6 x10 minutes; after duration expires, double all such penalties for twice as long. If the doubled penalties are greater than Vigor die, instead pass out Incapacitated for same duration.


  • Legion Multi-tool: (Wt. 4) Significantly larger than the Swiss version, this hand tool has the following swappable components:
    • Combat Knife: Str+d4
    • Cigarette Lighter
    • Removable EatCorp DinnerBuddy™ collapsible multi-purpose dining utensil with complimentary built-in digital display of Calories, Nutritional Values, and preferred sports scores and stock tickers
    • Flashlight (this junk has a 1 in 4 chance of crapping out at the worst possible moment, however)
    • Basic mechanical multi-tool (hammer, multi-head screwdriver, wrench, scissors, mirror, rubber doorstop)
    • 1x use of Emergency Adhesive (space glue)
    • Hot sauce dispenser
    • 3-shot flask
    • 5-count cigarette dispenser
    • Personal Email device
    • Distress beacon with two modes: Long-range (1 AU, 48 hour duration) or Short-Range (planetary, 30-day duration); connecting to external power can significantly boost duration and even range.
    • Explosive: functions as a last-ditch frag grenade, after activating a complex set of tweaks and presses that take a full round to enable.
    • Note: It is common practice for Legionnaires to personalize their Multi-tool. This includes giving it a name, drawing things on it, and sometimes even tweaking its features with Repair rolls. Some Legionnaires even make side cash by doing customized tool mods and refits.


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