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Character Creation Rules

New Characters (Recruits)

Character creation is inspired by Dungeon Crawl Classics. When you join the game as a player, you make 2-4 new Recruit characters, using the following modified creation flow:

1. Race: Pick a race (or create one using SciFi Companion – and anything is on the table provided it fits those rules, for the Galaxy is huge)
2. Stats: Determine your stats normally (either set them yourself, or I have a really simple random method to use!)
3. Skills: Assign your skills normally.
4. Hindrances: You MUST pick one Major and two Minor Hindrances – but you get no bonuses from them yet! Those will come in a bit.
5. Edges: You get no additional edges, stats, skills unless your Race gives them to you.
6. Gear: The GM assigns you a starting gear kit based on your profile (scout, infantry, heavy, officer material, etc).
7. Starting Cash: You have some amount of personal funds available, starting with 1d10 x10 in personal Credits. Don’t gamble it all away!
8. Recruit Status and Limitations: You are now a Recruit, which is a proto-version of a rank 0 Novice character. The following rules apply:

  • You are technically Novice for qualifications of things (like Edges and Powers your Race may grant you)
  • You do NOT get to roll a wild die on your actions (yet) unless you spend a Benny.
  • You get ONE Benny (or none if you chose Bad Luck!), and when you spend it, your second roll does get a Wild Die.
  • You can only take ONE wound, instead of the normal three.

The character is now a Greenhorn recruit, and eligible to be sent on their first mission with the rest of the existing team.

Advancing Characters

When a mission is completed, the group takes a look at all the characters that survived, then does the following:

1. Any characters that were already of actual game Ranks (Novice or Higher) are awarded standard XP, applied as per normal rules.
2. Each present player (including the GM!) nominates one of the surviving recruits (if any) to be fully promoted to “Private First Class” (Novice) rank, rewarding them with any remaining Novice rank benefits they have not already earned.
3. If applicable, the GM may allow players to nominate any surviving characters for in-story status promotion (such as to Corporal, etc).
4. All remaining non-advanced Recruits are given one “pre-Novice” advance.
5. Finally, the GM may reward the team with an increase to one or more of their Team Stats, based on mission objectives, spoils acquired, and field performance.

When a Recruit is awarded a “pre-Novice” benefit, they get to choose one of the following:

  • One Edge (already paid for with their starting Hindrances)
  • Two skill points (already paid for with their starting Hindrances)
  • One Stat increase (already paid for with their starting Hindrances)
  • One additional Benny (up to three, modified by Luck-based Hindrances/Edges)
  • One additional Wound (up to three)

Any Recruit that buys up all their pre-Novice rewards is considered to attain Novice rank at that point by simple nature of survival and perseverance.

When a Recruit attains “Private First Class” (aka Novice) Rank, the following changes happen:

  • You can now acquire the benefices earned from your starting Hindrances
  • You earn your Wild Die
  • You earn your full three Wounds
  • You earn the rest of your bennies (again based on your Luck-related Edges or Hindrances)
  • (Note that some of these might already have been applied if a previous recruit has been around awhile but not advanced!)

Welcome to the Legion, Recruit. The Galaxy is a truly horrible place, and its up to you to bring order while also staying alive. Go forth and bring honor to the Legion!

Edges of Note

Pretty much everything from the core and SciFi books is allowed. But anything Magic needs approval, just to make sure we’re all on the same page with how it works in this new setting that we’re creating on the fly. Psionic stuff should fit right in, and other forces, well, maybe. We’ll have to talk.

Setting Rules

The following are more setting-specific rules, not so much mechanical in nature.

Damage Roll Changes (Experimental)

This is something I want to test out first, let’s see if this works. It’s a four-part rule.

First, when you hit someone in combat, each Raise on the roll provides a bonus 1d6 to the damage roll.

Second, when you roll damage, the dice do not Ace/Explode.

Third and Fourth, you can spend Bennies on damage rolls, and when you do, you get to choose which dice to reroll, but you must keep the second roll on the chosen dice.

The Legion as a Mechanic: Team Stats

Based on my rules for the Motobushido Savage Worlds conversions, we have given the Unit itself a set of meta-stats that affect game play. There are five stats currently: Facilities, Field Support, Morale, Prestige, and Quartermastery.

Each stat has an associated Number and Die Rank, as such: 0 (d4-2), 1 (d4), 2 (d6), 3 (d8), and so on.


This stat determines the quality and extent of their home base’s facilities.

Dice Rolls: Undecided

Bonus: With each advance in this stat, the group gets to add one new expanded feature to their base:

  • Barracks
  • Hangar
  • Science Lab
  • etc (still in the works)

Field Support

This stat determines the group’s ability to call in fire and artillery, and also the quality of any additional bonus intel or supply drops they might receive.

Dice Rolls: Undecided

Bonus: Blah


This stat determines how content the unit is, by being well-paid, well-fed, and well-entertained.

Dice Rolls: Undecided

Bonus: Blah


This stat determines the reputation of the unit both within the Legion itself, and also within the ranks of the citizenry and even the enemy.


  • Higher prestige can bring in better recruits?

Dice Rolls: Undecided

Bonus: Blah


This stat determines the quality and extent of the unit’s supplies and gear.

Dice Rolls: Undecided

Bonus: With each advance in this stat, the group gets to choose one addition to their supplies:

  • One new small group vehicle
  • Two new small personal vehicles
  • Four new personal weapons

House Rules

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