Join the Galactic Legion Today!

We’re starting up a new campaign in the new year, kicking offon Sun January 3rd. Here’s the pitch!

“Alien Legion meets Star Wars, with the serial numbers filed off.”

You’re all the newest recruits (or conscripts) to the Galactic Legion – think Foreign Legion (or even the Black Company), but in Space! They’ll take anyone into their ranks, and often do, including prisoners from planets seeking a fate even a smidgen better than what would otherwise await them in Awful Space prison. Think you got what it takes to join the Legion and make it into the 12% who survive their first mission and go on to greatness? Join the Galactic legion today!

This game uses Savage Worlds, but with a twist inspired by Dungeon Crawl Classics: the character funnel is in effect! All characters start as pre-Novice “recruit” ranks nobodies. Pick a Race, assign your stats, assign your skills, and that’s it. You don’t get the option of bonus edges or other such boosts until you survive that first trial mission. You don’t get a Wild Die, and you only have 1 wound. Make three or four of these greenhorns, and don’t get too attached because only one or two will survive! Those who survive their first adventure then become full fledged wild card heroes and earn their Private stripes.

Other than that, the setting is “space fantasy” inspired by Farscape and Star Wars. It’s pretty hand-wavey, too, all homebrew. Some psy stuff, maybe some “bullshit space wizards” and who knows what else? None of that is a concern to the rank and file recruits of the Galactic Legion!

We’ll be playing every 1st and 3rd Sundays, here in Portland, OR

I Am the Galaxy - and You Can Too!

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